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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wendy Williams’ ‘Bullying’ Of Rob Kardashian The ‘Last Straw’ For Kim K & Kris Jenner

Wendy Williams, Rob Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have had enough of Wendy Williams saying harsh things about their family and now they are looking to call a truce with the talk show host. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Kris Jenner, 62, and Kim Kardashian, 37, have had enough of Wendy Williams, 53, speaking badly about their family on her talk show and they are hoping they can put it behind them by declaring a truce with the host. “Kris Jenner is talking to her team about declaring a truce with Wendy Williams, the bullying of her family has to stop,” a source close to Kris EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Kris is tired of Wendy‘s relentless bullying and trash talking about the Kardashian family.” Wendy called Kris’ son, Rob Kardashian, 31, “Rob the Slob” on the Apr. 3 episode of her talk show after speaking about Rob’s ex, Blac Chyna‘s recent fight at Six Flags Amusement Park. She told her audience members that she couldn’t picture Rob getting full custody of his daughter, Dream, whom he had with Chyna, because she didn’t think he’d be active with Dream and thinks he needs a woman to tell him what to do. “When Wendy dissed Rob, that was the last straw for Kris,” the source continued.

Wendy swore Kanye West would marry Kim Kardashian and she would eat crow if they did. After they were wed for 73 days, Wendy made good on her word and ate crow gumbo on her show.

Kim agrees with her mother’s opinions about Wendy and is even scared that every diss is ruining the family’s image. “Kim also feels that Wendy‘s neverending negative energy is not good for the family, hurts their brand and is not good for business,” the source explained. “So Kim is teaming up with Kris, and their team of lawyers, to come up with a plan to end the war between Wendy and the Kardashians. They would like a truce, a ceasefire or some peaceful resolution to Wendy‘s attacks or the Kardashians will devise a way to shut Wendy up for good.”
In addition to the Kardashians, Wendy’s dissed other celebrities on the regular. The most recent one to be under scrutiny is Hank Baskett, 35, whose marital issues with Kendra Wilkinson, 32, have made major headlines. She urged Kendra to dump Hank and called him a “journeyman.”
                                                                                        by Erin Silvia

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