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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Paris Jackson Planning Big Career For Herself Like Dad Michael: Why 2018 Will Be Her Year

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson wants to graciously honor her father, Michael Jackson’s memory by bravely taking on some of his huge dreams, including acting and directing, in the future. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Paris Jackson, 20, is ready to expand her creativity by working as an actress and director and hopes she can develop a huge career with massive success just like her father Michael Jackson. “Paris wants to extend herself in the acting department and instead of doing roles here and there she wants to star in her own show,” a source close to Paris EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She would like it to be more on the serious side and involve some sort of magic and mystery, something very unique, challenging and exciting. She knows that finding something like that will be difficult but she is meaning to put much of her focus to achieving many acting dreams in 2018 and if she has to do it herself then so be it. But the process of becoming a full fledged working actress is a serious main goal for Paris now th
Paris Jackson’s Hottest Instagram Looks (Courtesy of Instagram)
at she has been bitten by the bug.”It sounds like Paris definitely has the drive to make 2018 her year! She made her acting debut in the television series, Star last year so she already took the first step into making her dreams come true. In addition to her famous dad, she admires the work of superstar actor Johnny Depp and would also love to have an acting career like he does. “To have a career that would be considered the female version of Johnny Depp would be very special because he has done so many unique things and that is the type of career she like to pursue,” the source continued. She’d also like to star in amazing productions that are extremely creative like the music ones that Michael was a part of.  “She wants to live some of her Dad’s dreams and that includes not only acting but directing, she wants to be as creative in her work as most of Michael’s music videos were, she doesn’t want to do your normal run of the mill type stuff,” the source further explained.
Although Paris’ hopes for the future are big, it seems like she has a ton of support to back her up. The blue-eyed beauty recently celebrated her 20th birthday with a star-studded party that included many celebs, including Chris Brown and Paris Hilton.

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