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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Melissa McCarthy Shows Off 75 Lb. Weight Loss In New Movie: She Looks Incredible in New Pic

What a transformation! Melissa McCarthy looks significantly slimmer in her new movie “Life of the Party,” and we’ve got the pic. Check it out here!

Melissa McCarthy, 47, always looks incredible. However, her recent 75 pound weight loss as her looking better than ever! In her new film Life of the Party, which hits theatres on May 11, the comedian showed off a very impressive transformation. But how did she do it?! The actress reportedly went on a ketogenic diet, or the “keto diet,” before filming, according to the Daily Mail. The Keto diet gets its name from the metabolic state of ketosis, and it involves eating more healthy fats and avoiding carbohydrates. Pretty simple, right? Clearly, her hard work is paying off!
But, Melissa’s weight loss journey didn’t happen overnight. She began making steps towards a healthier lifestyle back in 2015. And, as many of you may know, dieting isn’t the only way to slim down. Ahead of her film Spy, Melissa took up martial arts classes and changed her overall mindset. “I truly stopped worrying about it,” the mom of two explained to Life & Style. “I think there’s something to kinda loosening up and not being so nervous and rigid about it that, bizarrely, has worked. It may be the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel amazing,” she continued! You go, girl!
Melissa McCarthy
REX/Shutterstock/Couretsy of Warner Bros
Despite her transformation, Melissa is a big advocate for body positivity. “My message is that as long as everybody’s healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type you have. There’s an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what .5% of the human race looks like,” the mother of two– Vivian and Georgette Falcone said during her interview with Redbook Magazine. What an inspiration! Check out her weight loss pic above!

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