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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Recap: [SPOILER]’s Pregnant & Shooter’s Son Is Murdered

Sierra Gates

On this week’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’, Sierra rushes to ex Shooter’s side after news breaks that his son, Ron, was shot and killed. Meanwhile, another couple gets much happier news.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 6
(Courtesy of VH1)

Yes, it’s true: Jessica Dime, 32, is pregnant! The singer finds out the news after taking a pregnancy test with her fiance, Shawne Williams, also 32, during the April 2 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Although she shares the news with the cameras she decides to keep it on the DL until she passes the three month mark. In the meantime she tries focusing on getting her music video shot and released before she starts showing, even inviting Tokyo VanityMimi Faust and Tamera “Ty” Young to be featured! Unfortunately things get sketchy when Melissa Scott shows up — but more on that later.
Sadly, this episode features the funeral of Shooter Gates‘s 21-year-old son, Rod Jr. Cameras filmed as his estranged wife, Sierra Gates, arrives at the funeral after leaving her new boyfriend, BK Brasco, behind in Miami, Florida to be by Shooter’s side. Despite their pending divorce and the allegations he has two illegitimate children with another woman, Sierra puts her best foot forward and supports her estranged husband while he’s forced to bury his son. This takes a toll on Sierra though, and when her BFF, Tokyo, checks in on her she breaks down and reveals she’s having trouble coping with the loss of her stepson and all of Shooter’s drama.
In other news, Mimi decides to confront her ex, Stevie J, about his drama with Estelita Quintero. He reveals to Mimi that he brought Erica Mena to her recording session intentionally in hopes of lighting a “fire” under Estelita’s behind and getting her motivated. He also reveals that as a manager, his contract earns him 30% of everything his artists do — from releasing music to promoting products on Instagram. Mimi is appalled by all of this, especially because he is the father to her children. She warns him to get his act right but in typical Stevie J fashion he ignores the advice.
Now back to Jessica’s video shoot! Jessica invited Melissa to the shoot only after noticing she was missing from Ty’s clothing launch. Jessica wants to invite everyone in her friend group to her upcoming wedding, including the awkward love triangle that is Mimi, Ty and Melissa. She tries to play referee between the three of them at her video shoot but it doesn’t work out, so she quickly exits the scene. Ty and Melissa go head-to-head verbally which only upsets Mimi, allowing for her to storm off mad at just about everyone involved. Yikes.
'L&HH: Atlanta' Preview: Erica, Tommi & Estelita's Vocal Training
Erica keeps her word about bringing Estelita to the artist boot camp that her friend, Jazze Pha, has set up for her. Though the girls joke that the workout they are put through is torture, it’s a show of good faith that Erica really, truly wants the best for Estelita. Erica also invited her girl crush, Tommie Lee, who showed up just in time to join the girls for their vocal warm up session. Once that’s over Estelita decides once and for all she’s going to confront Stevie J about their contract, and if he lets her down she’s going to find a way to get out of it. She has a ton of support, too, because aside from Erica and Mimi, their friend, Spice, has also agreed to help Estelita get a lawyer if needed.
Last but certainly not least, Tokyo gets settled into Atlanta with some help from her boyfriend, Tabius Tate. As a thank you she cooks him dinner, and when he suggests that she come live with him we find out some key info about Tokyo: she’s a virgin! Tabius makes it very clear he’s ready to be her first, but Tokyo clearly isn’t ready for that sort of a relationship. For now she’s happy with what they have, and it will definitely be interesting to see how this relationship plays out!
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