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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Has Brad Pitt Been Dating MIT Professor Neri Oxman For 6 Months? See New Photo Evidence

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has reportedly been getting to know pretty MIT professor Neri Oxman and it turns out the duo may have been secretly involved for a lot longer than we thought. See the pic that is causing speculation here!
Brad Pitt, 54, may have a new lady love in his life and it may have been going on for six months! After recent reports that suggest the talented actor has been getting to know MIT professor Neri Oxman, 42, an Instagram pic surfaced that hints the two have known each other since Nov. 2017. The duo started a friendship after they met through an MIT architecture project and the pic, posted by MIT student Kathy Camenzind back on Nov. 28, shows a smiling Brad posing with six women (Neri wasn’t one of them) at the school when he visited Neri. “Ocean’s six? #whatjusthappened #bradpitt #medialab,” the caption for the photo read. Now it’s possible that they may not have yet been romantically involved back then but we can’t help but wonder if things heated up right away between the two!
Although it sounds like Brad is taking his time, it’s interesting to know the new “friends” have known each other for a while and we are just hearing about them now! Still, we’re happy that the hunky actor is getting to know someone after his sad divorce, which is set to finalize in a few weeks, from Angelina Jolie and it turns out Neri seems pretty great. The brunette beauty works at the MIT Media Lab, where she directs the Mediated Matter group, which she founded. Like Brad, she was previously married to Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov. She’s also an artist and some of her pieces can be seen at places like Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts.
Brad Pitt
Courtesy of Instagram
We wish Brad a ton of happiness with his romantic life and we can’t wait to see where things go from here!

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