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Friday, 6 April 2018

Go Mo’Nique!


There’s a whole lot less of Mo’Nique to love these. We’ve got pics of her absolutely astounding weight loss as she’s under 200 pounds for the first time in her adult life.
Go Mo’Nique! The comedienne’s weight has fluctuated a lot over the years, and now she is rocking her best body ever at the age of 50. The Oscar winner took to her Instagram on April 4 to reveal an incredible weight loss with a super inspiring message. She posted a side-by-side of her on a red carpet at her heaviest next to a recent photo where she’s so slimmed down. Mo’Nique looks amazing in a pair of tight black leggings and a fitted grey t-shirt to show off her trim figure. Her race is almost unrecognizable as her jawline is tight and firm with no extra skin.

Mo’nique shows her hairy legs.

“Hey my loves. IT IS POSSIBLE. Don’t GIVE UP ON YOU. IF YOU TAKE A SHORT CUT, YOU GET CUT SHORT. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Love y’all 4 real,” Mo’Nique captioned her inspirational picture. She revealed in late March that she is the thinnest she’s been in her entire adult life, getting down below 200 pounds for the first time since she was just 17.

She showed her scale and it read 198.4, and shared that she hadn’t see that number since she was a teen. “For me it was no surgery, no prepackaged foods, not listening to no spokespeople saying ‘it’s easy and you can do it,’” she explained in her video. “It was just putting in the work and not giving up on me … it’s called giving yourself a chance to live the best life you can live.” Amen to that!

Monique hasn’t mentioned if she’s going to keep dieting or if she’s got a target goal set, but being under 200 pounds for the first time in 33 years is an amazing accomplishment. Losing weight gets harder as we get older so for her to achieve this at the age of 50 is something to really be proud of.

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