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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Will Smith's strange family secrets

There have been a lot of cheating rumors

Will Smith is the male equivalent of America's sweetheart: even when his projects aren't that successful, you still root for him. He's charismatic, he's talented, he's handsome, he has a beautiful wife and kids…and, uh, yeah, about that last part? It's weird. That whole thing is weird.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been dogged by rumors about infidelity, sexuality, and, um, unorthodox relationship dynamics from the very start. Their kids have also attracted plenty of attention for their out-of-the-box thinking, out-of-the-box schooling, and one very out-of-the-box photo shoot. Is all the scuttlebutt much ado about nothing, or are the Smiths hiding some fascinating and funky family dynamics? You decide.

Tabloids reported in March 2012 that Will may be in a quiet relationship with actor Duane Martin, and that their alleged companionship was a serious threat to his marriage. Martin is married too—to Martin (1992-97) star Tisha Campbell-Martin. Rumors have circulated for years that Jada is also gay or bisexual and that the couple's marriage is an arrangement, carefully orchestrated by publicists and management. The Smiths have not publicly responded to that gossip.

The Smiths have adamantly denied any involvement in the controversial Church of Scientology, but rumors persist due to the wealth of connections the family has to the religion. Showbiz 411 reported that Will's former business partner, James Lassiter, warned him about the possibility of Scientology interfering with his career. A former principal at the school that Will and Jada founded, the New Village Leadership Academy, told Radar Online the curriculum is Scientology-focused. The Smiths are BFFs with notorious Scientologist Tom Cruise. On top of all that, some have dubbed After Earth (2013), starring Will and son Jaden Smith, a Scientology propaganda film.

Rumors about their alleged involvement with Scientology swirled again in September 2017 when former Scientologist Leah Remini alleged she had seen Jada at the Scientology Celebrity Centre "all the time." Jada promptly denied Remini's allegations on Facebook: "I recently lit Shabbat candles with Rabbi Bentley at Temple Sinai… but I am not Jewish; I have prayed in mosques all over the world… but I am not a Muslim; I have read the Bhagavad Gita… but I am not a Hindu; I have chanted and meditated in some of the most magnificent temples on earth… but I am not a Buddhist; and I have studied Dianetics, and appreciate the merits of Study Tech… but I am not a Scientologist."

When the 2014 remake of Annie was in development, Will was a producer and initially planned on having daughter Willow Smith star in the titular role. More split rumors began to spread when Willow quit the movie to "just be 12." Sources speculated that Will wanted to push the kids into show business more than his wife did. This alleged difference of opinion may also explain why Jaden has kept a low profile professionally since After Earth bombed in 2013.
Beyond their entertainment industry upbringing, the Smith children often run into trouble just from running their mouths—or their Twitter accounts—too much. There has been plenty of coverage concerning Jaden and Willow's eccentric and esoteric remarks. For example, when The New York Times asked the "Whip My Hair" singer her how she views time, Willow explained, without irony, "I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that's how I know it doesn't exist."

In 2013, Metro asked Will to talk about the last time he punished Jaden. "We don't do punishment," Smith replied (via E! News). "The way that we deal with our kids is, they are responsible for their lives. Our concept is, as young as possible, give them as much control over their lives as possible and the concept of punishment, our experience has been—it has a little too much of a negative quality." He continued, "So when they do things—and you know, Jaden, he's done things—you can do anything you want as long as you can explain to me why that was the right thing to do for your life."
Of course, Jaden was on board with that strategy. It "works pretty well," he said, citing an example. "Other teenagers go to parties and sometimes I be like, 'Why am I here right now?' And most of the time, I just leave right then and there," he said. "Some things I don't like to do, that other teenagers do. Everyone thinks that since you make movies, you go to parties, and I like to party, but not normal teenage parties."In 2013, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke to HuffPost Live about her marriage to Will, referring to her blockbuster star hubby as "his own man" and saying, "I'm here as his partner… He has to decide who he wants to be and that's not for me to do for him. Or vice versa." Many interpreted that as meaning the pair have an open relationship.

Amid the scandal, Jada took to Facebook to try to explain what she meant. "The statement I made in regard to, 'Will can do whatever he wants,' has illuminated the need to discuss the relationship between trust and love and how they co-exist," she wrote (via E! News). "Do we believe loving someone means owning them? Do we believe that ownership is the reason someone should behave? Do we believe that all the expectations, conditions, and underlying threats of 'you better act right or else' keep one honest and true? Do we believe that we can have meaningful relationships with people who have not defined nor live by the integrity of his or her higher self? What of unconditional love? Or does love look like, feel like, and operate as enslavement? Do we believe that the more control we put on someone the safer we are? What of TRUST and LOVE?"

Smith continued, "Should we be married to individuals who can not be responsible for themselves and their families within their freedom? Should we be in relationships with individuals who we can not entrust to their own values, integrity, and LOVE…for us??? Here is how I will change my statement…Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so. This does NOT mean we have an open relationship…this means we have a GROWN one."

Uh, okay?

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