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Saturday, 31 March 2018

T.I. & Tiny

T.I. & Tiny ‘Always’ In The Mood To Make Babies After Celebrating Kids’ B-Days: Did They Just Try Again?

T.I. and Tiny were so emotional over daughter Heiress’ second birthday that they want to give her a little brother or sister. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE details.

Family is everything to T.I., 37, and Tiny Harris, 42. The couple just celebrated daughter Heiress turning two on March 26 and it’s brought up some serious baby making feelings between them. They’re already parents to two young boys in addition to their little girl, and would love to add another child to their relationship. “T.I. and Tiny are great at making kids and with seven children between them, they are always celebrating birthdays. Every party always has the same effect, it puts the parents in the baby-making mood. After celebrating little Heiress’s birthday with the kids this week, T.I. and Tiny celebrated again, intimately, alone in the bedroom,” a source close to Tip tells EXCLUSIVELY.
“They love all their kids and are ready to add another to the mix, for 8 total. They love having a big family and watching their kids grow only makes Tip and Tiny want more,” our insider adds. Tiny has an adult daughter Zonique Pullins, 22, while T.I. has two sons and a daughter ages 16-19 from previous relationships. There’s so much love in the family for all of the siblings, but especially for the couple’s own children. They’re parents to sons King, 13, and Major, 9, and Heiress has her daddy wrapped around her finger as the couple’s only daughter. He absolutely gushed via his Instagram on her birthday about how proud he is to be her father.
“Daaaaamnit Man it’s been 2yrs already!!!! Just a few of the best times of my life…. daddy’s baby scoot-scoots🛵💨turned da BIG DUECE!!!! Time won’t seem to stand still for us & neither will she!!! 😂 All we can do is thank God daily for our little blessing & enjoy every waking moment we get to spend together. All my children have made me wonder over and over what I’ve done so right in life to be so blessed with such amazing kids,” Tip wrote on March 26 next to a professional video made from the time Heiress entered the world that spanned two loving years of her parents’ adoration.
T.I. & Tiny Left In Tears After He Dedicates 'Beautiful' Speech To Her At Daughter's B-Day Party: I Never Want To Lose You
“They’re all super special in their own ways & somehow Heir-Bear found a way to add to an already incredible cast of future leaders.” he wrote about his children. “I can honestly say nothing else I’ve ever done is doper than being Pops! Ok I’m done. Back to my T.I. ‘too cool for school”persona,'” he finished.  Heir-Bear?!? We’re dying! Hopefully T.I. and Tiny are successful in making one more special person to bring into their world.

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