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Friday, 23 March 2018

T.I. & Tiny: Will Their Vow Renewal Finally Happen On Their Anniversary, On July 31? The Truth

T.I. and Tiny

Tiny & T.I. are still flip-flopping on whether or not to renew their vows! A source close to Tiny EXCLUSIVELY told HL about whether or not they’ll have an event

Tiny, 42, and T.I., 37, may be in a great place right now, but both of them are still unsure of renewing their vows. A source close to Tiny EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about whether or not they’ll have their vow renewal on their wedding anniversary, or ever. “Doing a vow renewal is something Tiny and T.I. have been talking about for months,” our source said. “They can’t seem to get on the same page about it though because they both flip-flop on it all the time. One day Tiny is all for it and it’s Tip pulling back and then, the next time you ask them, they’ve switched, and it’s Tiny who isn’t feeling it. One thing they do seem to agree on right now is that they want to do their vow renewal back in Miami on Star Island where they first got married. And they want to do it on their wedding anniversary (July 31). There’s nothing standing in the way of them having it this July, but so far no solid plans have been made, and they’re both equally to blame.”

T.I. gives Tiny quite a look as he checks her out from behind.

When it comes down to it, Tiny just doesn’t want to mess up what they already have. “I know Tiny’s big fear is jinxing what they have right now,” our source went on to say. “As much as she wants to commit to Tip again in front of all their family and friends, she’s also worried that it could put too much pressure on them. They’re in a really great place, and she doesn’t want to rock the boat that’s why she’s a little afraid of doing a big vow renewal.”

We reported earlier how Tiny tried on a wedding dress, and it made her very emotional. “Tiny has been helping to plan her God daughter’s wedding, and they were out shopping for her dress the other day and it got Tiny very nostalgic,” a source close to Tiny told us. “She ended up trying on a dress just for the fun of it and it hit her right in the heart.” While you hold on hope that they’ll renew their wedding vows

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