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Thursday, 29 March 2018

T.I. & Tiny Left In Tears After He Dedicates ‘Beautiful’ Speech To Her At Daughter’s B-Day Party

T.I. And Tiny Harris

Beth Shilliday
T.I. and Tiny just celebrated daughter Heiresses second birthday, and we’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on the heartfelt toast he gave that left both the singer and his wife in tears of joy.
There’s nothing like a birthday to bring a family closer together than ever. For T.I., 37, and Tiny Harris, 42, they celebrated their youngest child and only daughter Heiress turning two on March 26 and it was an epic event that made the couple reflect on the life they’ve built together.”The birthday party was perfect, it was exactly what they both wanted, all their family and good friends were there and baby Heiress had the best time. But the highlight was definitely Tip’s speech, he got on the mic after they cut the cake to give a birthday toast and he went deep. He talked a long time about how grateful he is for baby Heiress and for all his kids,” a source close to Tiny tells EXCLUSIVELY.
T.I. cradles Heiress at her second birthday party.

“But he didn’t stop there, he said the most beautiful stuff to Tiny about how much she means to him and how he never wants to come close to losing her again. She was crying, he was crying, it was super emotional. Tiny’s still shook that he got so vulnerable in front of all their family and friends. It meant the world to her,” our insider continues.

Both Tip and Tiny celebrated Heiress’ big day on their Instagram accounts, showing pics of the adorable birthday bash at an Atlanta play center that included her two older brothers and Tiny’s adult daughter from a previous relationship. The couple also had video montages made, with Tip’s set to his favorite Prince song “Purple Rain” and featured all the highlights of Heiresses big day, including face painting and breakfast as a family.

In another video that was professionally made, the couple dug deep into their video archives to the day Heiress was born. It was set to Stevie Wonder‘s “Ribbon in the Sky” and showed off Tip holding his only daughter as a newborn and all of the precious girl’s milestones since as the couple raised their beautiful baby.  T.I. is seen changing his newborn’s diapers and cradling her in his arms. Tiny is shown playing with Heiress in the water on a family trip to the beach, while the little one excitedly jumps into her daddy’s arms later in the vid.

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