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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sunny Leone’s ‘favourite thing to wear’ in Dubai

The Bollywood actress is in town to launch her make-up line and walk the runway

Image Credit: Instagram/sunnyleone

Sunny Leone is back in Dubai, this time to walk the runway for Indian designer Shravan Kumar at Dubai Fashion League on March 29. Though Leone says she has no interest in starting her own fashion line any time soon, she was happy to be hitting the catwalk.
“When I saw this particular outfit, it was just so pretty and so beautiful. I think it’s all about loving what you’re wearing when you’re walking for designers,” she told Gulf News tabloid!.

“For me, it doesn’t matter how big [the designers] are, how new they are, how green they are, it’s just about if they love doing what they’re doing and I love what they’ve given me to wear,” she added.
Leone also launched her beauty line, StarStruck, on Wednesday night in Dubai. It features a range of lipsticks designed to match any skin type or colour. In between work obligations, Leone also carved out some time for Bikram yoga.
Speaking of her own fashion evolution over the years, Leone couldn’t pinpoint a specific shift in her taste.

“I think, like most women, the wind blows a different direction and our choices change that week. I feel like the more that I’ve been working out, I’ve felt a lot more confident in so many different types of clothes that I’d never worn before, and that’s exciting for me,” she said.
As for her style staple: “I love a pair of tight jeans and a T-shirt. That’s my favourite thing to wear,” Leone added.
The entrepreneurial actress and her husband, Daniel Weber, recently welcomed twin sons Asher and Noah via surrogacy. Their two boys join adopted daughter Nisha, keeping the couple’s hands full.
                                                                                      by Marwa Hamad, Senior Reporter

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