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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Stevie J In Shock Over Kirk Frost Fathering Jasmine Washington’s Baby

Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez
(Courtesy of Instagram

Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez & Bonnie Bella, April 16, 2017
(Courtesy of Instagram)

Stevie J tells that he was stunned to find out Kirk Frost is the father of Jasmine Washington’s baby! After advising Kirk to tell Rasheeda, Stevie admits he thought Rasheeda and Kirk had the ‘perfect love.’

Stevie J, was just as shocked as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans to learn that Kirk Frost is indeed the father of Jasmine Washington‘s baby after months of speculation. “Of course I was shocked about everything,” Stevie J — whose hit show Leave It To Stevie returns for a second season on March 26 — tells EXCLUSIVELY. “When I look at Kirk and Rasheeda damn, I’m looking at the perfect family and the perfect love. So, for Kirk to step out of the relationship and get the other girl pregnant, it was a shocker. And, to find out the baby was his was even more of a shock.”

While it’s been difficult to see his friends, Kirk and Rasheeda, go through their relationship troubles, Stevie is staying positive for the both of them. “What happened, it lets you know that everyone goes through something in life,” he said. “What I’ve learned through my personal experience, is, it’s how you deal with it and go through it that makes you a better and stronger person.” As you may know, Love & Hip Hop fans have watched Stevie’s tumultuous relationship with his ex, Joseline Hernandez unfold on the show. So, he knows how feels to be on both sides of a situation when it comes to a TV romance.

Speaking of romance, Stevie is “single as a dollar bill,” he says. And, fans will get an up close and personal look into his dating life and more when his show, Leave It To Stevie returns to VH1 on March 26 at 9:30 PM ET. Viewers will see Stevie, who reveals he’s in an amazing place in his life, navigate dating, while he bonds with his kids. “This season I really support my kids on their careers,” he tells “I’m just a loving father who wants to make sure my kids gets to a point where they can support themselves.”

As he tries to teach his son, Stevie J to break out of his shell, and show his daughter, Savannah that he can handle a little hypnosis, viewers will have the pleasure of seeing Stevie put himself out there on the dating scene. While we think he talks a nice game, he doesn’t call his approach to chatting up a woman, game. “I would call it flavor. You got these different flavor and seasonings you put on different meals and every meal doesn’t have the same seasonings, so you just got to have different flavor.”

As for what he’s looking for in a woman? — “Someone who’s loving, and not into the fast life because I’ve done enough of that,” he admits. “Now, I just want somebody who’s going to balance me, and keep me where I need to me. A lot of people were so dialed into the rambunctious and wildness of me. Now, I’m at a point where I’m happy where I am in life.”

Now, happier than ever, Stevie is back in the studio doing what he does best — Producing. The veteran producer, who’s been in the game for 23 years, says he’s just about finished with Scrappy‘s album. Stevie’s also signing new talent, he just completed Kelly Price‘s album. He’s currently in the studio working with some of the biggest names in music, including Future, Thug, Teyana Taylor and Eric Bellinger. “I’m focusing on my businesses and focus on being a better person for my children and a better business man and producer, the things that got me here,” Stevie says. “Then, one day, I’ll find me a wonderful woman to settle down with.”


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