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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Nick Cannon

After being hospitalized for fatigue in 2012, actor and musician, Nick Cannon, was diagnosed with lupus when doctors discovered that his kidneys were failing. In an interview with WebMD, Cannon said, "I don't necessarily look sick, but there are times when I wake up and I can't move." The notoriously busy performer — at the time of his diagnosis he said he was on "12 television shows" — says that drastic lifestyle changes, like eating healthier and getting more sleep, have helped him get a handle on the autoimmune disease.

Cannon also became a staunch advocate for lupus awareness, creating the Ncredible Health Hustle series on YouTube, which "documented his daily life with lupus." He's also worked with The Lupus Foundation of America on several charity initiatives, because he says, "If I can be an inspiration for others with the condition or a similar condition, then I wear that with pride and embrace the duty wholeheartedly. Stepping up and being the face of lupus has actually helped me get through it."

Cannon suffered a setback and was hospitalized again in 2016 due to complications from the disease, but he bounced back quickly. "I broke out that joint!!!!", Cannon posted to Instagram (via Billboard), letting fans know he was back in the studio and working. Hopefully he's still talking it easy and following this advice that he gave to fellow lupus sufferers, "I make sure each and every morning that the first thing I take care of is myself. That is my number one priority."

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