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Friday, 30 March 2018

Meet the first Arab woman to dive in the North Pole

Meet the first Arab woman to dive in the North Pole

Despite Mariam Fardous’ medical career, the ambitious Saudi woman was determined to pursue a passion for diving
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Gulf News
Jeddah: Mariam Fardous was leading a fairly normal life having grown up in Makkah, and later studying medicine at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah.
While in Jeddah, she was looking for ways to let off steam to relieve her from the stress of her demanding schedule.

The 32-year-old Saudi national decided to try diving because she grew up listening to her late father’s fascinating stories about the Red Sea.
At the time Fardous took up the sport 10 years ago, diving was an unconventional activity—which only motivated her to pursue it more.
While today there are many diving schools in Jeddah given the city’s proximity to the Red Sea, and also many Arab and Saudi women divers there were a few diving schools in Jeddah that accepted women.
However, when she started taking classes she instantly fell in love.
“When I’m diving, I am in a happy space, and I instantly feel rejuvenated. The sea is a beautiful place to take a break,” Fardous told Gulf News.

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