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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Kumawood actress says she would act nude if the money is good

The debate over whether it is right for actresses to act nude in movies is one that has been trending for some time now.
It is a subject that has divided opinion among the actresses themselves, with some totally rejecting the idea whiles others see nothing wrong with it.

However, for Kumawood actress Angela Tebiri, she would have no problem acting nude only if the money on offer is good.

According to her, she will gladly accept any role from a director if she is guaranteed a huge pay cheque after the movie.

In her view, money is all that matters, adding that what people say does not matter because it does not put food on her table.

“I will do it. If the money is good for me I will do it because if I’m done with the movie and I’m sitting in my car, I will not come for food from you. So I don’t care what people say...,” she said, in quotes published by Myjoyonline.

She further stated that criticisms about her love for 'semi-nude' roles do not get to her because it is an indication that she is doing very well.

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