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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Rushed To Hospital With Pregnancy Complications — Is She Ok?

The Kardashian family are getting active! Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and their mom Kris Jenner traded in their heels for sneakers when they were snapped playing softball together on March 5, 2018
Oh no — a new report claims Khloe Kardashian had major pregnancy issues that prematurely landed her in the hospital! Find out here what reportedly went wrong.
At nearly nine months pregnant, Khloe Kardashian, 33, recently experienced a health scare that “left her rattled,” according to OK! magazine. While everything is ok now, and Khloe is no longer at Cedars-Sinai in LA, she’s reportedly SO shaken up that she’s reconsidering giving birth in Cleveland! “Word is, she suffered some pregnancy complications and had to be rushed to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angles,” an insider told the publication. “Everyone was worried she’d need an emergency C-section.” Click here to see pics of Khloe’s lavish baby shower.

The source didn’t expand on what type of complications Khloe was having, but, apparently Khloe thinks it COULD have to do with her recent trip to Japan with her sisters. Although she was already eight months along, the reality star decided to fly overseas, insisting her doctor approved the entire thing. “I wouldn’t put my baby at risk,” she said at the time. Now, however, she may have had a change of heart. “Khloe took all the necessary precautions with her trip, but now of course she’s wondering if it contributed to an unnecessary scare,” the insider shared.

Luckily, Khole’s family was by her side during her health incident, but if she follows through with her plan to give birth in Cleveland, so baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 27, can be there, she won’t have that same level of familial support. “She’s anxious about flying again and being so far from her family. This experience made her realize she needs her support system nearby,” the source explained, adding that her current Cleveland birthing plan is “up in the air.”

But while her family was there to help her through this alleged recent scare, Tristan, was working back in Ohio. “He was on the road with his team and she was so emotional about him not being there,” the source said. “It got really heated…Things have calmed down since the spat, but they’re both so busy with work. It’s been stressful.”

This past weekend, on March 10, Tristan WAS there to celebrate his and Khloe’s impending arrival. The two had a gorgeous baby shower for their baby girl, and of course everything was covered in pink. While this has been a magical time for KoKo, she’s also beyond ready to meet her daughter! “She can’t wait to just hold her baby girl in her arms and know that she’s safe,” OK’s insider said.

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