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Monday, 19 March 2018

Justin Bieber Appears To Break Down During Middle Of Hockey Game While Selena Gomez Is Away

Justin Bieber held his head in his hands in a somber moment during a recent hockey game! Check out the sad clip in which it looks like Justin’s break with Selena Gomez is taking an emotional toll on him!

Justin Bieber, 24, appears to have an emotional moment during a hockey game in a new viral video that we just watched, and it seriously looks like his break with Selena Gomez, 25, has not been easy for him. In the clip, Justin can be seen playing hockey for a bit before skating off the rink. There, he somberly leans on the boards, puts his head in his hands and shields his eyes from view with his gloves before a teammate comes over to see if he’s okay. The two seem to have a heart to heart over the next several minutes, while Justin looks sullen and keeps his head downcast. Seriously, can someone check in on him?! Is he all right?! Eventually the dramatic moment passes, and Justin returns to the rink again. 
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez hit the ocean while holding hands in Hawaii.

We reported earlier how Selena was seen getting close to a male friend, Johnny Rays, during her yacht adventure in Australia. While the two were hanging out on the boat, they were seen hugging and goofing around with each other as he pretended to push her off the back of the boat.

In addition to his somber hockey moment, Justin was also spotted looking incredibly buff while walking around West Hollywood. While he was more toned than ever, we couldn’t help but notice that he appeared a little glum during his stroll. His body language recently seems to tell us he must really miss Selena

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