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Saturday, 24 March 2018

JAY-Z & Beyonce Slammed For Allegedly Copying Kim & Kanye With ‘OTR II’ Promo Pics

Uh oh! JAY-Z and Beyonce are getting dragged by fans for their ‘OTR II’ promo pics on a motorcycle that looks just like frenemy Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the ‘Bound 2’ video.
JAY-Z and Beyonce are supposed to be trailblazers, right? Some fans are accusing them of ripping off Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian in his iconic “Bound 2” music video for their On The Run II tour promo pics.  Yeezy’s epically cheesy 2013 video set against a bunch of nature backdrops on a green screen featured Kanye riding a motorcycle and a topless Kim writhing around in front of him bouncing up and down and simulating sex. Now here in 2018, Jay and Bey are promoting their upcoming tour with Jay seated on a motorcycle and a seemingly naked Beyonce is sitting behind him. This has some fans yelling copycatters!

It was the first official art that the power couple dropped promoting OTR II and fans took notice of now they seemed to take a page from Kimye. “Kanye West and Kim shot a video on a motorcycle before this. Jay Z Beyonce pic look played,” one user commented on the Instagram pic while another wrote “Kanye & Kim did it better,” on the pic Bey’s shared. Another fan added, “KANYE ASKED FOR HIS IDEA BACK LOL KANYE AND KIM DID A MUSIC VIDEO LIKE THIS ALREADY.” Even Beyonce’s hair in pic resembles Kim’s blonde mane at the time.

On The Run Promo, Bound 2 Video

The couple has completely committed 100 percent to the riding around together on a their main promotional material for their upcoming tour. They have been shooting video in Jamaica this week that will be used as content during the show and Jay has been riding around on the same Longhorn skull handled bike with Bey and her flowing blonde locks seated behind him. At least this time she’s clothed, seen wearing a western-style fringe Gucci jacket. They even got on smaller motorbike a tooled around on city streets, so being on the run on a motorcycle is definitely the theme they’re going for.

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