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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Fifth Harmony: Why this is probably the end

On March 19, 2018, Fifth Harmony announced their indefinite hiatus.

"Reflecting over the past six years since we started on X-Factor, we've realized just how far we've come and we appreciate everything so much, more now than ever. We've really had one hell of a memorable journey together and can't begin to express our gratitude to y'all for coming along with us on this ride," the band wrote on Twitter. "After six years going hard, non-stop, we also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony to pursue solo endeavors."

Fifth Harmony

The statement continued, "We are all very excited and grateful to be able to take this time to learn and grow creatively and really find our footing as individuals. In doing this, we are allowing ourselves to gain new experiences, strengths, and perspectives that we can bring back to our Fifth Harmony family. To our Harmonizers, thank you for everything we have been able to build as Fifth Harmony. With your love and encouragement, we will continue to build on ourselves, support one another in everything we do, and keep making you proud, each other proud and ourselves proud. We do have some upcoming shows through the end of the year which will still happen as planned, and we can't wait!"

While their announcement implies there may be a reunion sometime, don't hold your breath.

Fifth Harmony

Despite Fifth Harmony's fame and success, the girls didn't actually make many coins for all of their hard work together. In December 2016, just days after Cabello announced she'd quit the group, an audio clip leaked allegedly of Jauregui sobbing to Hernandez about the group's workload in comparison to their paychecks, as well as frustrations with their management. "They are making decisions on a regular basis to f**k us over, to make us literal slaves, like literally slaves Ally," Jauregui laments in the snippet. "We're doing f**king labor every day and we see nothing."

The group previously alluded to frustrations with their contracts, which many of them signed as teens while on X Factor. Jauregui told Billboard in May 2016, "They sell you this present of rainbows and butterflies, and as a 16-year-old that's what I bought. It's why I did X Factor and why I ended up in a group. But then you're working so hard, so young." When asked about the audio in May 2017, Jauregui admitted to Billboard, "I don't know where that came from, but that's what the game does to you sometimes: runs you dry."

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