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Tuesday, 27 March 2018



Vital seed and other equipment is being distributed to families in Kenya and Ethiopia, as Self Help Africa responds to the terrible food crisis that is gripping East Africa.

We are distributing seed for a number of nutrient rich crops to more than 4,500 households in Kenya, while thousands more in Ethiopia are receiving seed NOW – so that they are ready to plant when the seasonal rains arrive in a few weeks times.
With your help we will do much more.
East Africa is currently facing its worst food crisis in generations, with approximately 20 million people in urgent need of help in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia.
Although our current intervention does not address the immediate priority – which sees the United Nations and other agencies providing emergency food supplies to affected communities –it is vital that rural poor families receive planting materials, so that in 3-4 months time their fields will be producing the food they will need for the rest of this year, and into the future.
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