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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Corinne Olympios Blasts Meryl Streep For ‘Lying Twice’ Amid Harvey Weinstein Scandal: ‘I’ll Kill Her’

Meryl Streep Corinne Olympios

Wow. Model Corinne Olympios launched into a wild rant about Meryl Streep during a game of ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’ on her podcast. Check it out.

Model Corinne Olympios called out Meryl Streep, 68, during a game of F**k, Marry and Kill on her podcast So Random With Corinne Olympios! When presented with her 3 options: Wanda Sykes, Whoopi Goldberg and Meryl, the 26-year-old stunner didn’t hesitate to take aim at the Oscar-winning actress. “I’m definitely going to kill Meryl Streep,” she replied. “Meryl Streep. She was supporting Harvey Weinstein! Yes. She was, she knew about it. She knew about everything that was going on. And lied about it twice. She lied about it twice though… And then she went back on her word. It’s messed up. It’s messed up. I’m gonna kill you Meryl.”

Those are some pretty shocking accusations. Perhaps Corinne is referring to Weinstein’s lawyer referencing Meryl’s claim that he was not abusive in their relationship when filing a court order in February asking that a class action lawsuit filed by 6 women be thrown out. Here’s a refresher on how exactly Meryl responded to being mentioned, via USA Today: “Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys use of my (true) statement — that he was not sexually transgressive or physically abusive in our business relationship — as evidence that he was not abusive with many OTHER women is pathetic and exploitative.” Head here for more photos of Meryl.

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