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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston: His Mom Is ‘So Happy’ They’re Talking Again: Is She Hoping They Reunite?

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Mother knows best! We’re hearing how Brad Pitt’s mom is reacting to him reportedly talking to Jennifer Aniston again!

Are you desperately hoping that the stars align and Brad Pitt, 54, decides to rekindle his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, 49, as much as us? Well, then you probably lost it when a report surfaced on March 22 that they are talking again! So exciting! Now our insiders have some insight on how the leading man’s mother Jane Pitt is reacting! “Brad‘s mom Jane has always had a soft spot for Jennifer, even after the divorce they kept in touch for years,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She hated the way things ended between Brad and Jen so it’s a big relief that they‘ve mended fences. She‘s so happy that they‘re back in touch.”

Does this mean that Jane is hoping her son and Jen actually strike up a relationship again?! “And it’s no secret his mom would be over the moon if they got back together,” they added. “She thinks the world of Jen and still thinks of her as part of the family.” OMG! Everyone knows that your mother’s opinion is hard to ignore when it comes to romance! Take a look back at Jen and Brad’s relationship right here!

As we previously reported, it was George Clooney who reportedly helped these 2 start talking again. “George was the first person to call [Brad] when his marriage to Angie [Jolie] imploded,” an insider told Star magazine. “After Jen and Justin [Theroux] announced their split, he encouraged Brad to reach out and give their relationship another chance.” George supposedly arranged for Brad to be driven to Jen’s house following a pre-Oscars party on March 3 — that’s where they reportedly met up.

“[Brad and Jen’s] evening together was very relaxed and low-key. They reminisced about the past and had a lot of laughs. It seemed just like old times, but better.” The source claims “they both realized they had a good thing when they were together — and still do.” Here’s hoping we hear a lot more about these 2 in the days ahead!
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